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What We Do..

What We Do - Trainers

The Gym (Ohakune) Ltd opened its doors for the first time on 12th July 2007.

The business has increased and grown over the years and still is.

Personal Trainers

We have committed experienced and qualified trainers available for assistance or Personal training.

The gym caters for the very beginner to the very experienced.

The equipment was purchased new at the time of opening so everything is modern, simple and very user friendly.

We take pride in our maintenance programme on our equipment to ensure your safety and ease of use.

Physiotherapist (currently unavailable)

What We Do Physio

The Gym has a permanent year round Physiotherapist who is available for appointments to members and non-members.

Appointments can be booked through the gym. The therapist is provided through Auckland based Physio Rehab Group, so treatments under ACC are accepted.


Recovery from an injury can be under the guidance of the physiotherapist or half hour therapy sessions with a trainer are available for age related or recovering medical issues

Chilled Water

There is chilled, filtered water freely available (just bring your own bottle) or during open hours bottled water is available to purchase.

Range of Items Available for Purchase Onsite

What We Do - Equipment

We also stock a limited range of quality protein powders, pre and post workout formulas, fat burners and organic flaxseed oil. Come and ask us at the office and we can assist you or order in a product that you may be interested in.

Individual serve Protein shakes are available during our open hours.

We do require all gym users to wear appropriate and clean footwear and be considerate of other users.

To avoid any health risks we ask that all members bring a personal use towel and wipe down the equipment with the sprays provided. This keeps things hygienically clean as well as protects the equipment.

There are strategically place hand sanitizer units throughout the gym and we ask that all be considerate of others and maintain a high standard of personal hygiene while in the gym.