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For the safety and enjoyment of all staff, members and visitors within this facility you are required to cooperate with the following terms:

  • Put equipment back where it belongs after use; this includes attachments for the cable machine and weights from the leg press, squat rack, bench press and smith machine.

  • Headphones must be worn if you are listening to your own music with the exception of the exercise room outside of class times. You are welcome to use the exercise room sound system or your own speaker within this space but be courteous of other gym users by keeping volume at a respectable level and close the doors.

  • Personal hygiene is strongly encouraged. Please wear deodorant, use a towel and wipe down equipment after use.

  • Gang paraphernalia, gumboots, work boots, work clothes, and socks are all prohibited on the gym floor.

  • Please wear the appropriate gear.

  • Please treat all equipment with respect and report any breakages. Intentional misuse of equipment wil incur a fine and
    immediate suspension of membership.

  • Videos or photos of members without their permission are strictly prohibited.

  • Do not use the gym facilities under the influence of drugs and alcohol or bring any of these items onto the premise. Smoking and vaping are also prohibited.


  • In the event of a medical emergency dial 111.

  • The first aid kit is located on the second shelf right of the exercise room on the main gym floor.

  • With any major incident, if at all possible please fill in an incident report form; however your health and wellbeing is paramount.
    Incident report forms are located in a separate folder underneath first aid kit. Please slide form under reception door during
    unstaffed hours. A staff member will be in touch about the report or incident.

  • Please report any stock that needs to be replenished in the first aid kit to staff or in the notebook at the reception counter during

  • unstaffed hours.

In the following scenarios:

  • FIRE: Vacate the building through the fire exits (Main gym door and orange door located on the west side of the main gym floor) immediately and assemble on the corner of Ayr Street & Goldfinch Street, east to the gym building.

  • EARTHQUAKE: Drop cover and hold – NOT UNDER GYM EQUIPMENT! Do not run outdoors, stay indoors where practical. Keep away from windows and heavy gym equipment.


  • Children under 14 years of age are not permitted to use the gym facilities other than when participating in a supervised children's exercise programme.

  • Gym members between the ages of 14 & 15 years must be accompanied by an adult (18 years+) at all times with the exception of staffed gym hours. Members of this age are to make themselves known to staff on arrival and departure if unsupervised.

  • Office hours are subject to change due to staff availability.

  • Gym hours for members between 14 – 18 years of age are from 6am – 8pm. NO EXCEPTIONS.


  • We strongly advise you to train in pairs’ after hours and to keep your mobile phone on you at all times.

  • Do not overload the bar! No clips on the bench press and make sure you have a spotter to assist you if you are lifting HEAVY.
    Failure to comply with this will see Olympic bars removed after hours. Do not spoil it for everyone.

  • Use your own access card. There is zero tolerance for letting in friends or family members who do not have a gym membership. Casual rates are available during office hours.

The gym is monitored by cameras and will be checked DAILY. As a member you acknowledge that you will be subjected to being recorded  by our video surveillance equipment. The Gym Ohakune reserves the right to amend / change these rules at any stage as different situations present themselves.  A copy will be posted on our website and displayed in the gym.


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